We'd love to serve your beers at our establishment. How can I open a wholesale account with you?

Folksbier is a very small 3-barrel production brewery that currently self-distributes around the 5 boroughs of NYC. With our limited capacity, we are unable to accommodate every request to open a new account, but send an email because we keep a running list of folks to reach out to as we continue to grow!


We are looking for a beer donation. Can Folksbier sponsor our event?

We do our best to accommodate as many donation requests as possible. Please understand that we are a very small brewery with a limited production capacity and we need to serve all of our accounts first. Here are some considerations:

  • Two month's notice for any donation request is required
  • We favor donations for local causes.

If you have a donation request, please email us below and we will determine if we can fulfill your request. Thanks in advance for reaching out.


Do you fill growlers?

Yes, DARK GLASS growlers are the only containers we can fill for you. No mason jars, water bottles, or milk containers. We encourage growlers to be consumed within 24 hours of purchase.

Are kids allowed in the tasting room?

All families are welcome and we encourage well behaved kids of all ages to join you in the tasting room, although only those over the age of 21 can purchase the beer.

Do you serve flights? 

There are no flights in the Folksbier Tasting Room. We serve all of our beer in a 10oz glass. This allows you to try a few of them, but enjoy them one at a time.  Some of our selection is available in 14oz as well. 

Can I buy a keg for a private home/party?

Apologies, but we not have the capacity to supply kegs to our retail customers at this time.

Can I book your tasting room for a private event? 

We have outlined all of our event information on a separate page. Please take a look at what we can offer you in our tasting room space.